28 Oct 2020

I was recently honored to have been featured on Annie Jennings’ AuthorExpertWire. Podcast (See Link Below). During the interview, we discussed what we do at The TOLI Center East. which includes educating our clients, be they individuals, business owners, managing trustees, or Attorneys & CPA’s, to help prevent their, or their client’s life insurance policies from expiring prematurely, making them aware of the new ‘Living Benefit’ features that most individuals are Not aware of, and lastly how to get the most value for their premium dollars currently being spent.

The 3 Living Benefits Of Life Insurance

Much of this information is based on an American Bar Association flagship book titled The Advisors’ and Trustees’ Guide to Managing Risk that I was privileged to co-author and which was endorsed by the WSJ. We invite you to call or email to discuss any questions the podcast may have raised

You can view information about this book below or by clicking here.

24 Jun 2020

I’d like to thank Stone Grissom Anchor at News 12 for giving air time to a problem I’ve been lecturing and writing about for years. People don’t pay attention to their life insurance and as a result, many of their non-guaranteed policies are expiring prematurely due to reduced interest rates and neglect. Contact me if you’d like to discuss a specific situation or if you’d like to receive some additional articles about this problem.