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My-CPE Webinar: What the CPA needs to know about best-in-class strategies used to pay for long-term care costs – 9/29/2022 (Click Here to Register)
NY County Lawyers Association: ‘Shoemakers with Barefoot Children’: What Attorneys & CPA’s Need to Know About Their Own Estate Planning – 9/15/2022 (Click Here To Register)

Recent Events

NY County Lawyers Association: Long Term Care Ins and Outs; Elder Law Update – 8/11/2022 (Click Here For A Complimentary Replay)
NY County Lawyers Association: CURRENT TRENDS IN LIFE INSURANCE UNDER THE NEW TAX LAW, INCLUDING PRIVATE PLACEMENT LIFE INSURANCE – 5/4/2022 (Click Here For Details) Webinar for CPAs & Attorneys: What the Advisor Needs to Know About the ‘Living Benefits’ of a Life Insurance Policy – 4/21/2022 (Replay Here)
MyCPE: Understanding The Basics of Life Insurance Today – 3/30/2022

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