09 Aug 2023

My-CPE.com: Incorporating Life Insurance Into Trust Planning

A complimentary replay of the July 2023 webinar held in partnership with My-CPE.com, titled “Coordinating & Managing & Maintaining of Life Insurance Within Various Trusts.”

Stream the video below and click here for a copy of the handouts that attendees were sent.

About the Webinar:

Life insurance policies are complex and often misunderstood financial instruments that require active management by the policy owners. 

These same individuals have plans for reviewing and managing other types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, but rarely review or conduct proper management of their life insurance. 

An owner/trustee may be an individual, (usually the eldest sibling, that knows very little about trusts or life Insurance), or an institutional trustee. Both of these trustees serve in a fiduciary capacity and are legally liable to protect the interests of the trust’s beneficiaries and manage the trust assets for their benefit.