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The TOLI Center East – Overview

The TOLI Center East helps you, your advisor, and family members that are acting as the owner/trustee of your life insurance portfolio better understand their fiduciary responsibilities when it comes to managing, preserving & maximizing your life insurance coverage. Every life Ins policy needs to be evaluated to determine how much longer the policy will remain in force.

When you combine the fact that 60% of existing life insurance coverage is not guaranteed, along with the many years of sustained reduced interest rates, coupled with neglect on the part of the owners of these policies that didn’t realize that they should have been increasing their premiums as interest rates continued to decrease, you get an increasing percentage of life insurance coverage expiring prematurely. This pattern is creating a significant financial loss for the heirs.

In addition to the traditional monetary death benefit that the beneficiaries receive, life insurance policies today can also provide a living benefit for the owner while they are alive. For instance, an Insured can withdraw money directly from the death benefit of a Life Insurance policy Tax-Free, to pay for qualified long-term care costs. An Insured can accumulate money tax-deferred in a life ins policy and then withdraw it tax-free to supplement their retirement.

Our guidance is based on 35+ years of experience as an independent CFP with fiduciary responsibilities to do what’s in your best interest.

Visit the link below to listen to an episode of the AuthorExpertWire Podcast featuring The TOLI Center East’s Managing Director Henry Montag. Henry joins host Annie Jennings to discuss the life insurance awareness and education he provides to his clients.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Henry Montag CFP, What We Do at The TOLI Center East

The TOLI Center East was formed in 2011 with the intent of accomplishing 2 objectives.

1. Provide continuing education credits to CPA’s and Attorney’s,  along with published articles in professional journals. Advocating the importance of evaluating the performance of a client’s individually owned or Trust Owned Life Insurance.

2. Provide the individual owner or the amateur trustee, with information for them to make an informed decision as to whether their existing premium dollars are being used in the most efficient manner to maximize their existing life insurance portfolio.

Within a 5 year period in Dec 2016, a book containing much of our research and advice was published by the American Bar Association in a Flagship book titled “The Advisors’ and Trustees’ Guide to Managing Risk.”



What our clients think

Henry has been instrumental in securing the insurance that we needed for our business.  Throughout the entire process, he was responsive and attentive.  The additional information that he has been able to provide has also been quite valuable as we strive to improve our business organization.  We would definitely recommend working with him as an independent certified financial planner.

BCatie Vandrei, AIA, Partner at Hoffman Grayson Loizides Vandrei + Vandrei Architechts LLP

We are thankful to Henry Montag for his experience and expertise. Henry was able to combine my parent’s life insurance policy’s cash value which resulted in doubling her death benefit as well as significantly reducing her current premium. Doing so afforded her the ability to purchase a long-term care insurance policy with the premium savings. Henry, you’re the best!

Richard and Mafalda Rutherford, Queens, NY

It was our good fortune to be referred to you by our elder attorney. We would like to express our gratitude for your expertise and professionalism in response to our dilemma. You addressed our concerns in layman’s language, precisely, politely, and succinctly. It was enlightening to hear your experienced evaluation and recommendation for an informed contact which greatly resolved our financial crisis.

Dorothy and Nicholas Muratore

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Each client relationship is based on a contracting process that confirms due diligence disclosure information, risk management guidelines, and report communication.

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