Henry Montag CFP is proud to announce the release
of his recent American Bar Association publication

The Life Insurance Policy Crisis:
The Advisors and Trustees Guide to Managing Risks and Avoiding a Client Crisis by Henry Montag and E. Randolph Whitelaw

An American Bar Association Flagship Publication


“We can no longer pretend that there will not be expensive and time consuming litigation when Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) rules are brought to bare on trust-owned life insurance (TOLI)…This book is an ice bath for advisors and trust guidance professionals– a cold splash of water in the face to wake up all of us to the risks of complacency. Trust me–you can’t afford NOT to buy and read and reread this book!”

Stephen Leimberg, Leimberg Services

“I’ve written multiple stories over the past five years for the Wall Street Journal about the impact of low interest rates on universal life policies. The problem is exacerbated because many people underfunded their policies, often unaware of how important it was to keep them well-funded. Of the many consumers I’ve interviewed, most don’t seem to understand how the policies actually work. Many have long since lost contact with the sales agents. I get a lot of consumer response to the stories, as the problem is so recurring”

Leslie Scism, News Editor, Money & Investment Section, The Wall Street Journal.

‘”Our client population is aging which may result in heirs inheriting less as clients live longer and spend more of their assets. This might make life insurance held in trusts even more valuable to future heirs. Also, longevity may result in clients needing to tap their cash values and make certain the anticipated death benefits of their individually and trust owned life Insurance policy’s is still in force in their later years. ‘The Adviser’s/Trustees Guide to Managing Risk and Avoiding a Life Insurance Policy Crisis’ provides practical guidance to practitioners, trustees and clients, and informs them that they must properly manage their life Insurance portfolio as they would any other asset, so that their vital goals can be achieved”.

Martin M. Shenkman, JD, CPA, MBA, AEP, PFS

“Life insurance policies held in a trust have to be periodically reviewed and monitored just like any other asset held in a trust. Henry Montag and Randy Whitelaw, The authors of “The Advisors/Trustees Guide to Managing Risk to Avoid a Client Life Insurance Policy Crisis are more than competent and capable of guiding an advisor or trustee in performing this important function with respect to life insurance policies, whether they are owned individually or held in a trust.

Seymour Goldberg JD, CPA, ABA Author