24 Jun 2020

I’d like to thank Stone Grissom Anchor at News 12 for giving air time to a problem I’ve been lecturing and writing about for years. People don’t pay attention to their life insurance and as a result, many of their non-guaranteed policies are expiring prematurely due to reduced interest rates and neglect. Contact me if you’d like to discuss a specific situation or if you’d like to receive some additional articles about this problem.

05 Jun 2020

Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the recently passed SECURE Act, there are many changes that may impact your or your client’s existing life insurance policy.

Slashed interest rates and the stock market plunge have further exacerbated an already deteriorating situation whereby a client’s non-guaranteed life insurance coverage is expiring prematurely as a result of client neglect and inaction caused by their not understanding their current life insurance portfolio.

You can view a recent webinar from the New York State Bar Association titled “The Impact of COVID-19 on Client’s Life Insurance & the SECURE ACT.” It covers specific steps and considerations you should be aware of as it relates to preserving your or a client’s life insurance.