03 Jun 2022

In May 2022, I was privileged to present at the NYC Lawyers Association, (NYCLA) regarding the 4 distinct tax advantaged ‘Living Benefits’ that a Traditional or Private Placement Life Insurance policy (PPLI) can provide for the owner of the policy, as well as for the beneficiaries.  

I was joined by Martin Shenkman Esq., CPA., and Steve Horowitz Esq., who spoke regarding the proper utilization, design, and trust coordination of PPLI for the ultra-high-net-worth client.

Click HERE for a replay of the webinar.

Click HERE to download the handouts that were provided to attendees.

08 Apr 2022

Here’s a short video I think you might find of interest. This is footage from an episode of the long-running TV business show, Wall Street Week. I was invited by host Anthony Scaramucci to have a conversation about life insurance with John Schlifske, Chairman & CEO of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Join us and see how the TOLI Center East can help you as well as a client more successfully navigate the life insurance landscape.

22 Dec 2020

Let’s say some of your clients did the right thing and purchased a long-term care contract years ago while premiums were much less expensive. They also did so before many typical medical issues started popping up in their mid 60s. Yes, having a long-term care insurance contract is a wonderful thing. It will provide your clients with the dollars necessary to pay for some or all of their expenses associated with their care.


23 Nov 2020

You’ve worked hard and saved your entire life to be able to enjoy the lifestyle. However any type of an unreimbursed long-term care expense, be it for a mental or physical impairment can of course completely ruin your and your spouse’s retirement plans. After the well spouse and their family gets over the mental shock, and the adjustment to what must now become the new normal, the reality of the situation begins to kick in.


28 Oct 2020

I was recently honored to have been featured on Annie Jennings’ AuthorExpertWire. Podcast (See Link Below). During the interview, we discussed what we do at The TOLI Center East. which includes educating our clients, be they individuals, business owners, managing trustees, or Attorneys & CPA’s, to help prevent their, or their client’s life insurance policies from expiring prematurely, making them aware of the new ‘Living Benefit’ features that most individuals are Not aware of, and lastly how to get the most value for their premium dollars currently being spent.

The 3 Living Benefits Of Life Insurance

Much of this information is based on an American Bar Association flagship book titled The Advisors’ and Trustees’ Guide to Managing Risk that I was privileged to co-author and which was endorsed by the WSJ. We invite you to call or email to discuss any questions the podcast may have raised

You can view information about this book below or by clicking here.