10 Oct 2022

NYCLA Replay: ‘Shoemakers Children with Marty Shenkman

Henry Montag, CFP, along with Martin M. Shenkman, JD, CPA, AEP delivered a not to be missed estate planning webinar sponsored by the New York County Lawyers Association, titled ‘Shoemakers with Barefoot Children’: What Attorneys & CPAs Need to Know About Their Own Real Estate Planning.

Click HERE to watch the replay.

The shoemaker’s children go barefoot because those closest to an expert often don’t reap the benefits of that expertise, simply because they are too busy taking care of their client’s issues and don’t have the time to focus on their own estate planning.

The program is designed to draw attention to this situation, provide the professionals with their options and motivate them to make an action plan to protect themselves, their families, and where appropriate their clients. We will discuss the current generation of insurance options available to properly “Manage your Risk’, as well as the legal protections every attorney needs to evaluate for himself or herself. 

Click HERE to read a recent copy of a Bloomberg article titled  ‘Shoemakers with Barefoot Children’ that was provided to those who attended the webinar.

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